Everybody wants to have a strong online presence because of how that can help a business grow its brand or brands. You will find all sorts of businesses on the internet, especially on social media. Social media platforms are increasing becoming marketing powerhouses because the companies behind them know that helping people to make commercial connections is what the future is made of. If you look at a platform such as Instagram which started purely as a way of sharing photos with friends is now a major marketing tool that every business is fighting to have.

There are over 3 billion Instagram accounts and a good number of that number is made of business accounts and each one of them is trying to get as many followers as they can. Everybody is trying to get more Instagram followers, but it is never that easy and that is why the business of buying and selling followers is thriving. Today, individuals and even businesses don’t want to be patient enough and to put in the required amount of work to earn their followership and would rather go for purchased followers. Companies even have a budget for this sort of thing and they discuss it in their business meeting.

So does buying followers actually work?

I can tell you for free that buying followers on Instagram doesn’t work, at least not in the long term. When you buy followers for your account, you don’t have any guarantees of their quality. Most people usually end up with bot accounts for followers and what this does is that it ruins their accounts and businesses. Bots will continuously spam your Instagram account with irrelevant comments and posts that are very easy to detect. When real people who are following you see these comments and posts, they will know that you bought your way into the game and no one likes that. Everybody else is putting in the work, so why should they let you get away with cheating? You will lose so many followers within a very short time that you will regret the decision to ever buy Instagram followers. So, o answer your question, buying followers never works.

Why buy Instagram followers?

There are very many reasons why people usually decide to buy Instagram followers. However, the major reason is because they are trying to get more engagement from their audience. When a person visits an Instagram account, what they do from that point on will in huge part depend on the number of followers the account already has. Research indicates that people tend to follow and engage with Instagram accounts that already have a huge following. Therefore, having fifty followers will definitely not do you any good.

Therefore, people and companies buy followers because they are trying to get real people to follow them.

How to buy Instagram followers

Whether purchased Instagram followers help you or not will hugely depend on how you source them. If you buy your followers from poor sources, they will cause your business more harm than good. Therefore, before you spend your money to buy Instagram followers, ensure that you do adequate research and identify the best sellers who sell legitimate Instagram followers and likes.